Permits, Fees, and Community Information
Each Fee Includes Application, Permit, and Inspection Fees

Ansul System $25.00
Blasting  $25.00*
($10.00 per day after start date)
Blasting (Quarry Yearly Permit) $75.00
Commercial Fire Alarm System $25.00
Residential Fire Alarm $25.00
Dumpster Permit $25.00
(6 cubic yards or greater and >1 day)
Farm Labor Camps $25.00
Fire Alarm Master Box (connection) $0.00****
Fireworks Display $50.00*
Flammable Decorations $25.00
Flammable/Combustable Liquid Gas $50.00
Forest Product Storage (Annual) $50.00
Fuel Transfer Tank (Per Tank) $25.00
Black Powder Storage $25.00
LPG Storage Above Ground $25.00
LPG Storage Below Ground $40.00
Oil Burner Installation  $25.00
(Including Tank $35.00)
Oil Tank Installation Only $25.00
Oil Tank Removal Only $25.00
Plan Review (Under 10 pages $25.00) $50.00
Open Air Burning
Brush (Jan. 15th - May 1st) $15.00
Agricultural $15.00**
Cooking $0.00***
Reports & Copies (Fire or EMS) $20.00
Smoke Detector and/or Carbon 
Monoxide Alarm (Single Family) $50.00
Smoke Detector and/or Carbon Monoxide Alarm (2 Family or more) $50.00 + 50.00 per unit
Special Fire Suppression $25.00
Sprinkler Install/Alter (Commercial) $100.00
Sprinkler Install/Alter (Residential) $25.00/unit
Sprinkler Maintenance $25.00
Tank Truck Inspections $25.00
Tank Installation (Oil under ground) $50.00
Tank Removal (Over 2000 gallons, $5.00 per 1000 per base fee) $40.00*
Tank Certification $25.00
Tar Kettle $25.00
Welding/Cutting $25.00*
Re-Inspection Fee (After 2 unsuccessful 
attempts) Amount of Permit
False Alarms (In One Month Period)
3+ False Alarms $200.00
6+ False Alarms $400.00
All Other Permits Required $50.00
Detail Rate Call for Hourly Rate

* Permit that may require Fire Detail
** Permit still required, Open burning rules apply, burning can be conducted all year
*** No permit required but must call dispatch when having one - size of fire must not exceed 3' Long X 3' Wide X 3' High
**** Fire Alarm Master Boxes are the responsibility of the Building Owner

To schedule an Inspection or obtain a permit CONTACT US.

For Information on Massachusetts Fire Codes CLICK HERE .

For Information on Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detectors CLICK HERE.

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